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  • salzburg once again..

    Thursday, March 10, 2011
    well one of the advantages studying abroad is that we can easily melencong to the nearby countries and experiences a whole new culture..as i am studying in germany it makes me eligible to have many trips around the europe..and last week my friends and i have decided to go to Salzburg, austria once again..
    look how happy i am..haha..well im happy bcoz my best friends mira syah n ipe allso join this trip..it would not be this awesome if it was just me alone..here are some more pictures to look at..

    mira me n ipe in the train feelings very much excited..
    the view stlh penat mendaki bukit..not bad huh..worth all the sighing..
    so much pretty in the real world..sape berani nak mandi sejuk2 camni..haha
    betapa menyibuknye saya..
    haha sorry ipe terpaksa amek gmbr ni sbb view cantik..hang p  wat muka camtu pasai pa..kehkeh
    mira mnggunakan sy untuk posing nmpk kurus..sob2
    sila abaikan ipe di tepi dn hayati pemandangan di belakang
    salzburg has a lot of bukit thats why there r so many buildings situated in a
    very extreme location
    this is not a normal dog..we shud call him an artist..
    there's so many people want to take picture of him..
    berjaye menangkap gmbr dia stlh menunggu sekian lame..
    thanks for reading!!


    1. mizzshaina said...:

      how come i didnt know that u have a blog? hehe. cool name anyway. for that reason im jealous that u are trilingual now. just knowing bm and bi is boring T_T

      keep writing. at least u wont lose ur english if u keep practicing

    1. sarah amalyna said...:

      haha how's my english right now?

    1. mizzshaina said...:

      oyy.. update la blog.. how was the meeting with dr zainurrashid?

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